For more than a century W. Bunting has served the citizens of South East London with the finest cuts of meat available. So locally rooted is this butcher it has only ever changed ownership twice with the Muscat family having run it for the past five decades.  
Today three brothers – Chris, Mark and Vince – are the third generation of Muscats to run W. Bunting as a bespoke butchers. The three Muscateers grew up in the apartment above W. Bunting's, learning the trade at an early age from their father and grandfather. Chris, Mark and Vince (often described by admiring female customers as “the handsomest butchers in London”) have developed what was once a small butchery catering to locals into an enterprise that attracts customers from across the capital.  
“We continue to serve local people who have been coming in here all our lives,” Chris says, “and we love serving them. At the same time we now serve individuals and businesses (cafes, restaurants, large trade kitchens, schools, street food vendors) from across greater London who are aware of our reputation as selling only the finest meats. We treat everyone – whether it's a housewife who lives on the estate across the road or an award winning restaurant – with the same courtesy and do our best to ensure we provide them with whatever meats they want. This shop is an extension of us. It's our home. When people come in here we're welcoming them into our home.” 
“We offer unbeatable service,” adds Vince. “Anyone can cut up an animal but it takes a skilled butcher to know what to do.”  
The Muscat brothers emphasise how they are proud to serve as both a neighbourhood butcher (mince chuck steak, lamb shanks, pork ribs, chicken thighs, bacon rashes, kidneys, liver and every other staple is available here) and a specialist butcher: the finest cuts of beef, all kinds of game, triple smoked hams, sweetbreads and other such delicacies. Sourcing their meat from leading organic and free range farmers across the south east ensures W. Bunting provides the healthiest and most delicious cuts available. 
“If you want to know the difference between supermarket meat and ours buy one of our chickens and a supermarket chicken, cook them both then taste the difference,” says Chris emphatically. “Drop in anytime – we're open six days a week – and discuss with us what you're interested in cooking. And if we don't have it we can order it for you. We pride ourselves on our range and if we can sell it we will stock it.” 
W. Bunting: providing greater London with the very best in meat, savouries and service for over one hundred years. 

In the deli they offer the  pork pies, Scotch eggs, black pudding, haggis, vintage and mature cheddars, eggs (free range, barn, quail), bacon, salamis, chorizos, smoked duck breast and a great variety of homemade sausages and tins of goose fat (for potatoes).
Poultry and Game
From free range chickens and turkeys, Game birds (duck, pheasant, quail, partridge – all seasonal), guinea fowl, venison, rabbit and more.
Red Meats
The red meats on offer include triple smoked hams (seasonal), a selection of fine cuts of beef (aged Scotch ribeye, sirloin, rump, bouette, both marbled with fat and without), minced chuck steak;  lamb and pork, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads.
Tel : 020 7639 3718

13 Peckham Park Road
SE15 6TR